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  Helping Homeowners in 

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House for Sale in Washington State

What We Do?

Are you, or someone you know, behind on one or more mortgage or tax payments? Are you facing the possibility of foreclosure? Have you inherited a property and need to sell quickly? Whatever the situation or condition is, we can help you to buy any house for sale in Washington and also helps in selling bankrupt foreclosed homes for sale WA state
house for sale in washington

If you are an owner “You Have Options”. With one of the top listed real estate in Washington, the goal is to make sure you are armed with the knowledge to make the most informative decision about your options to stop foreclosure. We will work hard to make sure you make the right choice and in your best interest.

Even if you owe more than your its worth, we can still help with the Short Selling process and work with the bank in an effort to relieve your debt and possibly even pay you to move!​

As an affiliate member of the National Prevention Center,we are well trained and specialize in identifying all options available either to buy homes for sale in Washington state by owners or to stop foreclosure or keep it safe.  If after all available options are exhausted and no other options are available, we are well funded to provide you a top dollar CASH offer. So if necessary,you can sell your home quickly, stop the foreclosure, save your credit, and have the “CASH” you need within days after closing, hassle-free.  

IBHFC can make the entire process fast and simple. We will do our best to stop the foreclosure before it’s too late. Plus, If you are not satisfied with our services or offer that’s okay we understand. There is “No Obligation” and there are absolutely “No Fee’s”, and the entire process is strictly confidential.


About Us

Selling Real Estate can be a daunting task. From having to perform required repairs, finding a motivated agent, to strangers parading through your residence, this can be a nerve racking experience. Then, during negotiations, the last thing you want to hear is the buyer backed out or didn’t qualify for the loan. It happens. That’s why  we are here to help. We don’t just buy your house, our specialized team will analyze your unique situation, identify all your options and provide best possible solution. Whether you’ve inherited a property you don’t want, or your previous tenants just trashed the place, we’re here to help. No matter the situation, if the house needs repairs, behind on payments, upside down, or facing a deadline, we can help. Fast. To find out how we can help you, give I Buy Homes Fast Cash a call or fill a simply fill a form on our website. 
We specialize in helping homeowners in any situation.
  • Vacant Situation.
  • Inherited Situation.
  • Unwanted Rentals.
  • Upside down / Short selling.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Deferred Maintenance.
  • Quick Sell.
  • Divorce Forced Situation.
  • Lease Options.

Well, we have a smarter and simpler solution for you. Just tell us about it, and we will purchase your property for sale in Washington immediately. There is no agent involved, which ensures you save the commission. 

Our team purchases the house in as-is condition. This means you need not worry about fixation of issues or making it attractive through staging techniques. We also help the owners stop the foreclosures and save them from its consequences like bad credit rating and tax debts. Therefore, sell your real estate in Washington State through this safer and faster method and enjoy the maximum profit.


Our goal is to help you avoid the ramifications of FORECLOSURE such as…

  • Bad credit rating.
  • Difficulty renting or purchasing a new property.
  • Court ordered deficiency judgement.
  • Additional IRS Tax debt
  • Loss of monetary invested assets.
  • Wage garnishment.
  • Eviction, and emotional family stress.


4 Reasons to buy homes from us:

1) ​Receive Top Dollar Cash Offer

You want the most money, so let us help… We never low ball our customers, we use specialized industry data to provide our top-dollar price quotes every time.

2) Close Quickly

Listing homes for sale WA state on the market can take months to sell and not everyone has time for that in our busy lives. We offer quick cash so you can move on with your life without months of waiting to see if a loan goes through

3) We Buy AS-IS in Any Condition

Don’t renovate just for us, we’ll buy homes for sale in Washington state including major cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham ans so on. We will take property in any condition because renovations are costly and also take your precious time. 

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