When one plans to property for sale in Washington State, he/she tends to commit some mistakes. A common mistake is not getting everything in writing looking for buy houses for sale Seattle Washington.

It is a common practice to assume that things like kitchen appliances and are part of the deal. The buyers later get disappointed to see the home without the amenities they had seen before the deal. These amenities include bath & shower fixtures, light fixtures, hot tubs, window treatments, washers, dryers, and other large appliances.

You might end up paying hundreds of dollars later to purchase all this stuff for your new property.

So, how to avoid such situations?

You can avoid these situations by thoroughly checking your contract. Take along someone you can trust during this stage of home buying. In case you don’t see the things you expected in the list, ask about the same. Make sure the seller includes everything in the contract.

What else you shouldn’t ignore?

  • The inspection of home for damages
  • The neighborhood
  • Water supply
  • Insulation system

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